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Dr. Abdullah Omar Nasseef’s Ramadan Messages 1435AH

Ramadan Messages 1435AH from 
Dr. Abdullah Omar Nasseef 

Dr. Mozammel Haque

Muslims almost everywhere welcome the coming of the month of Ramadan on the same day, on Sunday, the 29th of June, 2014 this year. Saudi Arabia, the heartland of Islam, the country of the Two Holy Mosques, the birthplace of Prophet Peace be upon him, is performing Ramadan on Sunday. The Supreme Judicial Council of Saudi Arabia called on all Muslims in the Kingdom to look for the Ramadan crescent on Friday evening. But the lunar moon was not sighted at sunset Friday evening. So the holy month of Ramadan begins Sunday, 29th of June, 2014. The UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Malaysia, Australia and Singapore also announced that Ramadan will begin on Sunday.

Ramadan in Canada also started on Sunday, 29th of June, 2014. British Muslims welcome Ramadan: the month of discipline, compassion and solidarity on Sunday, 29th of June 2014. British Muslims join over a billion Muslims all over the world in a month of fasting, charity and solidarity.

The governments of many countries issued Ramadan Message to Muslims in their countries and around the world (see below).

Dr. Abdullah Omar Nasseef
Dr. Abdullah Omar Nasseef, President of the Karachi-based World Muslim Congress (WMC) and Secretary General of the Cairo-based International Islamic Council for Dawah and Relief (IICDR) was passing through the United Kingdom. I met him at the Double Three Hilton Hotel, near Heathrow Airport on Wednesday, 25th of June, 2014 where he was staying overnight before flying back to Saudi Arabia. I was very much privileged to see him and find an opportune moment to request him his message to the Muslim community as well as to the Muslim Ummah about the importance and significance of the month of Ramadan, the month of fasting ordained by Allah the Almighty.

Dr. Nasseef, the former Secretary General of the Makkah-based Muslim World League, said, “We take the opportunity of this month of Ramadan like every year. This is the month which Allah the Almighty prescribed for us: fast; Taqwa is the safeguard of the society from going us astray from this way or other. That’s why it is important for us to remind our brothers and sisters around the world and globe that this occasion is not like other social gathering, social occasion. Socially you can achieve many things but spirituality it should change ourselves and our society and we should urge people to go back to Allah the Almighty and the Prophet (peace be upon him) in order to introduce the change.”

“Now we are witnessing this year a fitn all around the world; problems are happening everywhere; and no society is safe from this misery and problem. They have to realise that unless we go back to original Islam nothing will change. All kind of terrorists and radical people are telling to the societies that this is the way Islam should be the dominant but they are doing the wrong thing; they are causing Islam the problem and to Muslims all the confusion,” said Dr. Nasseef.

Dr. Nasseef, the former President of the Jeddah-based King Abdulaziz University, mentioned, “I always say in my message that we lack proper knowledge; and fail to deliver proper education and proper understanding of Islam to our young people. People think many things when they fast in the holy month of Ramadan; when they pray salah, Taraweeh and all the Ibadah; it is enough.”

But Dr. Nasseef said, “it is not enough. We have to ponder on what is our problem and seek the solution from the Qur’an and Hadiths and this can be done by the people who are already aware and have the knowledge. They should also be verified that their opinions can make people going astray; trains their minds and their thinking and preaching.”

“So I appeal to Allah Subhanahu wa Taala to guide our Muslim brothers and sisters to choose the right path and to get education to introduce the changes which will affect the society deeply and change our Ummah and that will help us to overcome our crisis and miseries which we are witnessing today,” said Dr. Nasseef.

Dr. Nasseef hopes, “Insha Allah this Ramadan will be blessing month for the Muslims to be closer and closer to the teachings of Prophet (peace be upon him).”

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