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IIROSA presents relief aid to over 31 million individuals since inception

IIROSA presents relief aid to over
31 million individuals since inception 

Dr. Mozammel Haque
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: The 8th General Annual Meeting of the International Islamic Relief Organization Saudi Arabia (IIROSA) was held at Crown Plaza, Hotel, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Thursday, 9th of May, 2013. The meeting provided the favourable tidings of its achievements of the previous year 1433 (2012).

Under the supervision of the Secretary General of  The Muslim World League , The president of the Board of Directors, Dr. Abdullah Al-Muhsin Al-Turki. IIROSA has achieved 1342 projects and programmes that benefitted more than four and a half million needy people with a total amount of SR 120 millions. These expenditures come from the money given by the donors the majority of whom belong to the generous King Government and people of Saudi Arabia

Plight of Syrian people
Last year has witnessed the worsening plight of the Syrian people. Their suffering was alleviated when the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz launched a popular campaign to relieve them. IIROSA is one of the first organisations that responded to the campaign by distributing thousands of food baskets to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Moreover, IIROSA has provided 1,052,00 blankets and thermal quilts, 145 thousand stoves and 135 thousand meals. Moreover, the IIROSA has established centres for receiving Syrian refugees in Lebanon and provided them with diesel used for heating during winter

IIROSA is also performing simple and major surgeries for patients and wounded persons as well as distributing free medicines in addition to implanting artificial limbs for some Syrian refugees who suffered from amputation when leaving their country. Thanks to Allah those people have become able to lead their lives normally. Saudi Ambassador has visited the centre that was established by IIROSA for receiving Syrian refugees in Bakaa region. HE has expressed his pleasure of the role played by IIROSA and its continuous and unremitting efforts to assist the refugees and alleviate their suffering. In the inauguration ceremony three protocols of coordination were signed between the IIROSA and Lebanese service sectors. Furthermore, the IIROSA has sponsored more than 8000 male and female students of Syrian refugees.

IIROSA’s activity during the fiscal year 2011-12
IIROSA’s activity during the fiscal year 2011-12 has reached 57 countries in the world starting Jakarta in the east to the Sao Paulo in the West translating its slogan relief development and rehabilitation.

IIROSA manages its charitable works through 7 main programmes. Through the Social Welfare Programmes in terms of expenditure during the fiscal year 2011-2012 as the total spending on its programmes has reached SR 32.5 millions. The programmes benefitted 37,195 orphans in 26 countries.

Second: This programme is followed by the Emergency Relief Programme with a total amount of SR. 29 millions. That benefitted 3 million affected people in 13 countries.

Third: The Community Development and Seasonal projects Programme with a total amount of SR. 27.4 millions.

Fourth: the Engineering Department with a budget of more than SR. 11 millions for mosques building and wells drilling. The programme benefitted 43 thousand people by establishing 98 mosques and 115 wells.

Fifth: The Education Welfare Department with a total amount of SR 8 millions that benefitted 54 educational institutions that accommodate 56, 125 male and female students in addition to sponsoring 29 teachers and providing 349 scholarships.

Then the Health Care Programme with a total amount of SR 7 millions that benefitted 334 thousand patients through 35 health projects in 20 countries.

Sixth: The Holy Qur’an Programme with an amount of SR. 4.8 million that was used in sponsoring 338 preachers and 304 Qur’an teachers in 29 countries.

As IIROSA’s mission is pioneering the humanitarian and institutional work in a way that serves man and achieves reconstruction and development and as it is a widespread international organization IIROSA has chosen the partnerships and alliances as its strategic choice. Thus, IIROSA is currently a member in 16 councils, organizations, initiatives, in forums, unions, offices, networks and committees on the locals and international levels.

IIROSA has also coordination and partnership relationship with more than 13 UN international and regional organizations. Furthermore, it has signed a number of partnership and cooperation agreements in Saudi Arabia and abroad to implement relief, developmental health and environmental projects.

It has formed a team of outstanding Saudi competencies to supervise the implantation of the programme. In a step that considered a quantum leap and excellent way in providing services to the beneficiaries IIROSA has conducted an agreement with Deloitte and Touche Co. to implement the Restructing Project; project that may take to new horizons of quantitative and qualitative development in the world of management of money. This restructuring is related to the developmental aspects of IIROSA’s activities in the aim of keeping pace with modern requirements of relief and development work based on quality and transparency.

As IIROSA is keen to sustain its projects and protect them from the effects of the Economic fluctuations, it has started investing in many endowments in Makkah to use their income for its several programmes. This organisation is currently working on four giant endowment projects, that include tower hotels, as follows Beyout Allah Relief endowment project No (7)  the 3rd Ring Road, Orphans Relief Endowment, Project No (8), Ajyad Al-Sad, Community Development Relief Endowment, Project No. (11) Ibrahim al-Khaleels Street, Misfalah, Health Care Relief Endowment, Project No. (12), Aziziah Main Street.

IIROSA has implemented some programmes in Saudi Arabia to prove its local presence and to contribute to the community development as recognition to this favour and proceeding from the principle of social responsibility. These programmes include Employment and Training programme that aims at providing job opportunities to the Saudi citizens, males and females and qualifying young people by training them. This programme has benefitted a number of prisoner’s families in order to protect them from deviation as well as a number of university graduates and high school certificate holders.

Moreover, IIROSA has implemented Local Programmes for the productive families that aims at empowering women and supporting her role in the family. This programme has benefitted groups of widows, divorcees and orphans living in the charity houses.

Moreover, IIROSA has connected electricity to 33 houses of poor families at Jommah village at Lith and has also paid electricity bills as part of its keenness to provide comfort to the needy people.

New Executive Leadership
Last year, IIROSA has witnessed the transition of its executive leadership from its former Secretary General Dr. Adnan Ben Khalil Basha to Mr. Ehssan Ben Saleh Taieb. The inauguration of the Acting Secretary General has concurred with many important activities which reflect IIROSA’s regional and international status. Thus the Secretary General has participated in many local and international activities, including the Consultative Meeting called for by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)  and hosted by Qatar Charity to provide relief assistance to the Rohingya people in Myanmar; The Consultative Humanitarian Meeting for Syria that was held in Istanbul; The International Conference in Fatwa held in Indonesia by the Fiqh Council of the Muslim World League (MWL).

The International Islamic Relief Organisation emanating from the Muslim World League (MWL) and functions internationally. IIROSA coordinates with donors by delivering their donations to needy and distressed people all over the world in order to strengthen their belief of Islam, relieve them, alleviate their sufferings and develop their communities.

IIROSA has a legal personality and an administrative and financial entity of its own, within the framework of its constitution and byelaws.

Its Objectives
The objective of the IIROSA is to be among the first three organizations that provide relief for the disaster-stricken areas around the world; to be a reference in the field of charity work; to make performance levels of staff on par with global professional ones; to implement the international quality standards; to achieve strategic partnerships with countries, organizations and individuals in the same field; to be one of the best 10 internationally accredited organisations in developing and implementing the reconstructions and development programmes; to achieve self-financing for all projects; to make the media  one of the main foundations of its work and to contribute to preserving the environment and natural resources by rationalization of the consumption of electric power and power as well as reducing paper clutter.

Its activities
Since its establishment, IIROSA has always been associated with the needy, distressed, orphans and displaced people all over the world. Moreover, during its relief and humanitarian history, IIROSA has been and still a symbol of credibility and transparency that reflects the message of faith, spiritual radiation and the meanings of giving and communication between the philanthropists and needy people under the Islamic tolerance. With Allah’s grace and the support of the philanthropists of this generous

IIROSA has been capable to do such leading role through 7 main programme whose total cost during the fiscal  1432-1433 (2011-2012) amounted to SR. 118,989,038,05 for implementing and operating 1,42 projects for the benefit of 4,529,934 individuals in 57 countries (30 African countries; 19 Asian countries; 7 European countries and one country in South America, Brazil.

First: Social Welfare Programme; it has 25 projects; 10 orphanages and 15 centres that benefitted 37,195 orphans, 50 supervisors & coordinators in 26 countries.

Second: Emergency Relief Programme: 13 projects that benefitted 2,985,139 in 13 countries.

Third: Community Development & Seasonal Projects Programme: 45 Projects; beneficiaries 965,376 in 45 countries.

Fourth: Engineering Department (Mosques & Wells): it has 98 mosques, 115 wells and 9 other projects that benefitted 143,097in 17 countries.

Fifth: Education Welfare Programme: It has 54 educational institution that benefitted students of the educational institutions: 56,125. Scholarship students 349; teachers 29.

Sixth: Health Care Programme. It has 35 health projects that benefitted patients 333,739; workers in the health professions 149.

Seventh: The Holy Qur’an & Dawa Programme. 642 Qur’an Projects; 306 Qur’an Centres and Circles that benefitted teachers & supervisors 304; students 8,044 and preachers 338. 

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