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Problems faced by World Muslim Community and Solutions

An interwith with WMC President
Problems faced by World Muslim
Community and solutions

Dr. Mozammel Haque

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: A Two days five yearly assembly of the World Muslim Congress (Motamar Al Alam Al Islami) was held on 13th and 14th November, 2011 at Hotel Ramada, Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka. This international conference was organised by Sri Lanka Islamic Centre-Maligawatta in association with Motamar al-Alam al-Islami (World Muslim Congress), Islamabad, Pakistan. The theme of the conference was “Problems faced by the World Muslim Community and Solutions”.

The opening session was addressed by the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mr. D. M. Jayarathna and Minister for External Affairs, Prof. G. L. Peiris. The delegates included Field Marshall Abdul Rahman Sowar Al-Dahab, former President of Sudan, Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef, former Deputy Chairman of the Shoura Council of Saudi Arabia, M.H.Mohammed, Senior Vice President, Sri Lanka Islamic Institute; Senator Raja Muhammad Zafar-ul-Haq, Secretary General of the World Muslim Congress, Senior members of the executive council of the Motamar, eminent scholars and a large number of Muslim religious and political leaders from all parts of the world.

As an executive councillor of the World Muslim Congress, I was supposed to be present at the Conference, but I could not attend the conference because I received King Abdullah’s invitation to perform Hajj this year and I was in Saudi Arabia from 3rd November onwards upto 23rd of November, 2011. So I met Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef in Jeddah when he returned back from the conference in Sri Lanka and I discussed and interviewed him about the meeting.

An Interview with Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef
President World Muslim Congress
Dr. Naseef said, “The theme of the conference was what we shall do under the present situation of the Muslim world? How to help the people to overcome the difficulties and to cope with the very good changes that are taking place? The conference discussed this besides the five yearly affairs of the Motamar. People spoke about how the Muslims should be able to adapt to the Islamic principles with the changes that are happening in the Muslim world and the Arab world. People were also discussing that we have to keep in our mind that Islam has solution to all affairs of the people for all the time. So we should be able and be careful about to adhere to our Islamic principles as far as the future of the Muslim Ummah is concerned politically, socially and economically and so on.”

The conference also discussed, said Dr. Naseef, the economic situation today internationally; the fall of the western system of capitalism and what Muslims can offer, the Islamic economic system of banking, finance and all the related subjects in this situation. He also added we encourage people to introduce whatever knowledge they have about Islamic economics to offer to solve the problems of the west and the east.

Referring to the problems of both the societies of the east and that of the west, Dr. Naseef said, “We should be modest to show that we have very important and valuable system to overcome the interest problem. Because Riba (interest) is the source of all which are happening today. We can introduce the Islamic finance system which has no interest (Riba) involved. This kind of interest-free financing system should be introduced and encouraged and should find its way towards media and to the people in action in the west.”

Palestine issue
The conference discussed about the general issues such as Arab spring, Palestine issue and others. Speaking about the Palestine issue, Dr. Naseef said, the conference urged people “to aid the people in Palestine to cope with whatever and to bring real unity to overcome the differences happening between Hamas and Fatah.” Dr. Naseef said, “It is the time they should be united towards their cause, because Israelism is eager to spread their settlements there and continue to divide people particularly the Palestinians and we urge them to be united and complete the process of peace between the factions there and to struggle for their cause in a proper manner.”

In this connection, Dr. Naseef mentioned about the Palestinian camps in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and other places. He said, “We urge people to give attention to the Palestinian camps in Lebanon, in Syria, in Iraq and Jordan and in other places. There the Palestinians are living under the level of inhuman treatment and there they need the support of Muslims, individuals and organisations to support their infrastructure and to support in so many ways so that they can live standard human lives.”

Dr Naseef also mentioned that the World Muslim Congress (the Motamar) talked about Somalia. He said, the things in Somalia are little bit improving but it needs help from Muslims. In next eight month, there will be new election for the Parliament and the President of Somalia. Dr. Naseef said, the conference urged the government of Somalia to make the process changes and hoped the new election for the Parliament and the President should be normal and the conference wishes them good luck.”

South Sudan
Referring to the southern Sudan which was discussed in the conference, Dr. Naseef mentioned, “The Conference talked about the creation of the southern state of Sudan. The Muslims in the southern Sudan needs support, help and guidance because they are not educated and they have no place in the society. May be, they have very few people in the Parliament; there was not a single Muslim Minister and we have to encourage Muslims to involve themselves in the political, economical and educational life of their country. The conference asked Muslims to support projects there: they have schools, centres for the Muslims. We should encourage Muslim countries, Muslim individuals and organisations to donate aid to help and support Muslims in southern Sudan.”

“This is generally all about the conference,” said Dr. Naseef.

In reply to my query what the conference discussed about Arab spring, Dr. Naseef said, “The conference expressed concern and asked people to keep their Islamic system of life and we urged Syria and Yemen to stop bloodshed and transfer power smoothly.”

Condolences to King Abdullah
Dr. Naseef also mentioned that the Conference passed and sent the condolence messages to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, condolences, first to King Abdullah and later on to the Crown Prince, Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz and wishes them good luck.

Dr. Naseef also mentioned that there was another item which was that the Motamar appreciated the establishment of a Centre for Dialogue and anti-terrorism in Vienna.

Statement of Policy
The conference declared the statement of policy: “We as Muslims believe in the equality of all human beings as the off springs of Adam and Eve. This principle of universal fraternity ensures equality of all nations and states. Mutual recognition, coexistence and cooperation for the welfare of all mankind regardless of race, religion, colour or creed is an article of faith, based on the eternal teachings of the Holy Quran.”

At the conclusion of the Two-day meeting, the Conference passed the following resolutions:

“World Muslim Congress deeply appreciates and eulogise the establishment of a centre for dialogue and anti terrorism in Vienna by King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz besides International Conferences on this topic in the United Nations Headquarters and in Spain for promoting the cause of International Peace and Understanding. World Muslim Congress will fully cooperate with these noble efforts and would continue with renewed vigour, the efforts for Interfaith Dialogue and understanding, as a basic creed of the organisation.

“Islam’s agenda for human life is founded on the establishment of justice amongst all human being, strengthening the values of mutual respect and generosity.

“The conference noted with concern the attitude of some of the establishments and societies against Muslims which displays prejudice and utter lack of understanding. The conference hoped that with the passage of time and efforts of Muslim individuals and organisations based on a positive and constructive attitude will improve the atmosphere.

“The conference reviewed the popular uprising termed as “Arab Spring” in some of the Muslim countries and hoped that the new leadership would bring peace and stability in their societies without further violence and come up to the expectations of their general public.

“The conference of the World Muslim Congress also reviewed the situation in and around Sudan and observed the necessity of good neighbourly relations and cooperation between the two new entities, in the interest of their peoples and calls upon the neighbouring countries to help both of them to overcome their economic and political difficulties. We also hope that the Muslim minority in South Sudan will have their legitimate rights protected including their representation in the democratic setup.

“The Conference observed that Somalia is slowly coming back to normalcy and the new general elections are to be held within the next eight months. This devastated country deserves humanitarian relief from International relief organisations. Motamar Al Alam Al Islami is already playing its role under the umbrella of the OIC. These efforts need acceleration.

“The Conference discussed in detail the issue of Palestine and took stock of negative and positive developments. The demand for the recognition of Palestine as the full member of the United Nations is a legitimate demand and we appreciate the support by a large number of members of the United Nations, to admit Palestine as a full member and also expect a positive response from the members of the UN Security Council.

“The Conference expressed its disappointment at the reaction of the United States in stopping its contribution towards UNESCO after the admission of Palestine in this organisation with the support of one hundred and seven members.

“The Conference reiterates its appeal to different factions of the Palestinian people for internal unity and mutual cooperation as a national imperative in their struggle for achieving their national rights and providing protection to life and property of their people. This would also enhance International support for their legitimate demands including the right of the Palestinians to return to their homeland.

“The Conference expressed its solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir who are struggling for their legitimate right to self determination, as the only peaceful and democratic method of resolving this issue.

“The conference appreciates the role of All Parties Hurriyat Conference. This conference demands the inclusion of the true representatives of the people of Jammu and Kashmir in the negotiations to resolve this issue.

“The conference appeals to the human rights institutions to take practical steps to protect life and honour of the Kashmiri men and women being violated under the protection of draconian emergency laws.

“The conference observed that the basic decision of the OIC Summit for setting apart a specific amount for the work of Islamic Dawah by each member state should be revisited with the purpose of fulfilling the responsibilities of the member states in the field of Dawah and also to improve the methods as well as coordination.

“The conference took note of the demonstrations in several capitals of the world, especially in the US and Europe, against the negative effects of the capitalistic and exploitative economic system. There is a general rejection of the present economic order. It is the time that Muslim scholars and economic experts put forth a blue print for the third option based on the principles of Islamic economic system. Many economists have already made substantial contribution under this title. Boards have been established to advance usury free banking modes but there has to be a comprehensive Islamic economic order. World Muslim Congress would encourage efforts in this direction.

“The conference also expressed its concern over the pitiable condition
of the stranded people in Bangladesh, who need generous international relief and support.”


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