Friday, 25 November 2011

King Abdul Aziz Centre for Dialogue - A Big Achievement

King Abdul Aziz Centre for Dialogue:
A big Achievement

Dr. Mozammel Haque

Jeddah: Saudi Arabia: King Abdul Aziz Centre for National Dialogue was established on 3rd August 2003 towards fostering a national dialogue between people who hold different views. The Centre came into existence after the First National Meeting, which was held in Riyadh. This was followed by other national meetings whose subjects were chosen with care and concern so as to be of importance to the needs of society.

The Centre aims to provide an appropriate and permanent environment for national dialogue among individuals within Saudi society, in order to realize the general welfare and preserve national unity on the basis of the Islamic creed.

I enquired Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef about this King Abdul Aziz Centre for national Dialogue. Dr. Naseef said, “Last Ramadan, there was a meeting with King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques on dialogue. First of all, on 24th of Ramadan which was 21st of August, the meeting took place in the office of the Sheikh Abdullah al-Saleh al-Husseini, the Chairman of the al-Haramain al-Sharafian. The meeting took place in his office. We discussed about all the issues and then in the evening the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah, on the same day, on the 25th of Ramadan he greeted the committee, encouraged by saying the Centre is doing very well.”

Centre – a big achievement
Dr. Naseef also mentioned, “The culture of dialogue is spreading among the people, in the organisations and even within the families, King Abdullah said. You can be proud of that you have introduced as a committee and as a centre - King Abdul Aziz Centre for Dialogue as we introduced the culture of dialogue within the families. Now the people are speaking within their children, people with their wives and man with the woman and with other members of the family in a decent language and accepting the other ideas and so on. So he said this is a big achievement and congratulated the centre for this great achievement.”

The King Abdul Aziz Centre for National Dialogue strives to promote the culture of dialogue among the groups comprising the society of the nation. Looking towards the nation’s hopes and aspirations, the centre aims to contribute by participating in offering the prerequisites needed for prosperity and civilization.

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