Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Congratulation to Prime Minister David Cameron and his new Government

Congratulation to Prime Minister David
Cameron and his new government

Dr. Mozammel Haque

I congratulate the appointment of David Cameron, MP, as Prime Minster and welcome Deputy Prime Minister Neil Clegg, MP. I convey my good wishes to the new government who is determined to govern for the national interest and work for the common good.

The Conservatives Party formed an historic coalition with the Liberal Democrats for the first time in the United Kingdom since the Second World War. In a message to supporters, Mr. Cameron said it marked a “new era for Britain” adding “Now let’s get to work”.

David Cameron’s appointment as Prime Minister and arrival in Downing Street marked the end of 13 years of Labour rule. David Cameron, the Conservative leader, who is six months younger than Tony Blair was when he won power in 1997, is the youngest Prime Minister since 1812 and the first Old Etonian to hold the office since the early 1960s.

New Cabinet
The new cabinet includes David Cameron, MP, Prime Minister; Neil Clegg, MP, Deputy Prime Minister; William Hague, MP, Foreign Secretary; George Osborne, MP, Chancellor; Vince Cable, MP, Business/Banking Secretary; Liam Fox, MP, Defence Secretary; Andrew Lansley, MP, Health Secretary; Chris Huhne, MP, Energy/Climate Secretary, MP; Ken Clarke, MP, Justice Secretary and Theresa May, MP, the Home Secretary.

The 2010 General Election ended with the first hung parliament in 36 years. Labour suffered a heavy defeat, losing at least 86 seats including big names, such as Jacqui Smith and Charles Clarke. But Labour fared less badly in the capital than nationally. The Conservatives won the most seats in 6 May, 2010 General Elections, but not enough to secure an overall Commons majority, resulting in a hung parliament.

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