Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A Great News-Ten Scholarships for UK Muslims in Oxford University

A Great News: Ten scholarships for UK
Muslims in Oxford University

Dr. Mozammel Haque

Ten scholarships for UK Muslims in Oxford University, announced by Mohamed Ali, CEO of Islam Channel at the ILM Day, Young Muslim Achievers Award Ceremony, held at Hilton Metropole, London, on Saturday, 16th of January, 2010. The ceremony was attended by Cabinet Ministers, Lords, Baroness, Members of Parliament, community leaders, parents and young Muslim achievers.

While presenting the Silver Award for Degree Level to Hira Amin born and brough up in Kent and attained all A’s and A*s for her GCSE’s and 3 A’s for her A-Levels, Mohamed Ali announced the great news: “The Oxford University has given ten scholarships to Muslims. Dr. Farhan Nizami, the Director of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies will be going to link five of them of this event. Next year, if you are UK citizen and if you are Muslim, it is a positive discrimination, next year, Insha Allah we will get free place fully paid in Oxford University and that’s great News.”

Hira Amin went on to study Maths and Mathematical Philosophy at Kings College University of London, where she achieved a 1st Class Honours Degree. She also studied advanced Arabic and Tajweed (pronunciation) while completing her degree. At present she is working as a Strategy Analyst for a niche marketing company in West London while continuing her Islamic Studies with the Al-Kauthar Student’s Guild.

Islamic Channel received many nominations from more than 3,000 schools, colleges and universities and educational institutions across the country highlighting the achievements of young Muslims. All nominations were made online and then they were ratified by panel of judges. The selection process were gone into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum categories and all 18 finalists were present at the ceremony and 12 of them won the trophy and also won an unforgettable Umrah tickets. The Judges finally selected four winners of each category. GCSE, A-Level and the Degree, 12 winners in total.

While inaugurating the Award ceremony, Mohamed Ali, CEO of Islam Channel, said, “The history of the Ummah is one which we undoubtedly have much to be proud of, and we find therein an honourable legacy to be resumed by the Muslims today.”

“In order to help realize this endeavour, Islam Channel, in association with Islamic Help and the Dawah Project, has embarked on an exciting mission: to recognize, nurture and empower exceptional young British Muslim achievers who range from diverse areas of education, religion, sports and the arts,” added Ali.

Secretary of State for Children, Schools & Families, Ed Balls, MP, said in his message, “There is no doubt that Muslim communities have a long and proud tradition of valuing their young people and the positive contributions that they make to our country.”

“These awards are a great example of that. Whether it’s been in achieving brilliant exam results, excellent in sport, showing talent and creativity in cultural activities or demonstrating a commitment to their faith, all of the winners are fantastic role models for young people in their communities and a source of great pride for their families and for us all,” added the Secretary of State.

Sir Iqbal Sacranie, chairman of Muslim Aid, said, “This celebration of academic excellence and promotion of high standards amongst the next generation of British Muslims citizens is an important step in the ongoing development and establishment of our community. Tonight events gives confidence not only to young people but the society at large that yes, within the Muslim community, the community that has been demonized so much over the years, so much in the media that this is the negative asset that we have to see perhaps and how to resolve it. But let us see to show how the community could achieve. “

“I think today’s is the very powerful indicator that will go out across the community that yes, there are youngsters every level of the education from primary, secondary, upper and even degree level. That they have done so well and they are giving the very powerful message that our younger community can achieve as well. With those few words congratulations to Islam Channel and Islamic Help,” added Sir Iqbal..

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