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WMC calls upon Muslim States to send
immediate relief to suffering Gazans

Dr. Mozammel Haque

ISLAMABAD: The World Muslim Congress (WMC) calls upon Muslim States; humanitarian organizations; International Red Cross; Red Crescent and UNICEF to send immediate relief goods to suffering citizens of Gaza, in its resolution passed at its Executive Council meeting in Islamabad.

The Two-day Executive Council Meeting of the World Muslim Congress (WMC) was held at the Chandani Hall of the Holiday Inn Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan between 16 and 17th of January 2009. The meeting discussed the Palestinian issue, the regional situation in South Asia, the present status of Interfaith Dialogue and its possible improvement with particular reference to the initiative taken by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, the present situation in the Darfur region of Sudan and the evolution of a system to reach out to Muslim Youth for making them useful and exemplary citizen.

Before the inauguration of the Executive Council meeting of the WMC, I had the opportunity to interview the President, Vice-President and the Secretary General of the WMC on the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Raja Muhammad Zafarul Haq
Speaking about the situation of Gaza, Raja Muhammad Zafarul Haq, the former Religious Affairs Minister of Pakistan and presently the Secretary General of the World Muslim Congress said, in an interview with me, “It’s a continuing tragedy. I don’t think there is any parallel what is happening in the mass killings butchery, even the hospitals are not spared; the journalists, television headquarters they have been targeted and there is absolutely no effective movement to stop this carnage.

“People are absolutely shocked that the Muslim leadership is not moving they are so ineffective. In any case, it’s a human tragedy and it has to be dealt with as a human cause. It is correct that they are Muslims; that does not mean that only Muslim should raise their voice,” Haq said.

“Bolivia has taken the lead in sending Israeli ambassador back out of his country. At least that should have been the pattern of all the Muslim countries and those who have diplomatic relations with Israel they should have sent their Israeli ambassadors out of their countries and call back their ambassadors. That was the minimum they could have done. That was also not done. They have not taken any lesson from that. That has disappointed the Muslim masses and even other people,” mentioned Haq.

Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef
Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef, former Deputy Chairman of the Shoura Council of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and presently the President of the World Muslim Congress told me in an interview, “How the Muslims is behaving about the Jewish Holocaust on the Muslims of Gaza? How we can awaken the people? The aggression is so bad, unbelievably severe and without any necessity. The excuse Israel gave that the Hamas are sending rockets to Israel which is nothing but very unbelievable excuse.”

Dr. Naseef mentioned killing of civilians is nothing new for the Jews. “I think this is part of the Jewish tradition. They don’t care whether the children were killed, women, old people or the people who have no relations with the things. They claim they want to reach the Hamas fighters. This is a very childish excuse,” said Dr. Naseef.

Dr. Naseef also said, “It has been very bad example about the disunity of the Muslims and their lack of information, lack of orientation.”

Dr. Naseef also talked about Muslim society “which are wild against Divine Order” and mentioned “there are Riba, Zina and many other things in our society. Leaders are not coming from Heaven; they are part of the Ummah. We have to start from the grassroots. We want the people to know what the purpose of their creation is; what is the objective of their life. How can they obey Allah Almighty – something positive?” said Dr. Naseef.

Dr. Naseef also mentioned, “We have to appeal to the international community that the aggression has to be stopped immediately and then negotiations can take place and also to give the people of Gaza food, medicines and so on and to open the borders for the food and medicines.”

Dr. Naseef said, “Our Muslim leaders and Heads of States should be much more firm on Israel and to show them it is not acceptable.”

Mohamed Haniffa Mohamed
Mohamed Haniffa Mohamed, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs of Sri Lanka who have been nearly 60 years now in Sri Lankan Parliament and the Vice-president of the WMC, told me in an interview, “I think the Arab world should approach the real issue. Unfortunately, they are not firm enough. In my view, Arabs must be more firmer; I think the people may be but the Arab governments are not so active and are bnot very much interested in that issue. I think they must do rethinking and for the sake of Islam and for the sake of Muslims, they must all stand unitedly.”

After the Jumah prayer, the World Muslim Congress delegation met Miah Nawaz Sharif, the President of the Pakistan Muslim League and also discussed about the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

On Palestine Issue
WMC appeals to the President of Senegal to
call immediately OIC Emergency Summit

The meeting of Executive Council of the WMC condemned in the strongest terms the continuing carnage inhuman and brutal force against civilians in Gaza by Israeli forces resulting in tremendous loss of human lives including schools, hospitals and media centers. There is no doubt that it is the worst human tragedy in recent history. While the people of conscious are demonstrating against this bloodshed, there is no concrete step taken by the Organization of Islamic Conference.

The WMC resolved, “We appeal to the President of Senegal, who is also the head of the OIC, to immediately call the session of OIC emergency summit: - i) To impress upon the United Nations Security Council to enforce its resolution for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Israeli forces from Palestinian territory; ii) To call upon all those countries including the Muslims states who have diplomatic relations with Israel to withdraw their Ambassadors from Israel as a protest; iii) We call upon Muslim States; humanitarian organizations; International Red Cross; Red Crescent and UNICEF to send immediate relief goods to suffering citizens of Gaza.”

The WMC resolution also said, “The World Muslim Congress feels that those who use force to impose their will against weaker sections of humanity do not realize that by their actions they make their world more unsafe for a long time to come. They sow the seeds of hatred in the minds of younger and coming generations and create a rift in the human family.”

“It would also be the first test of the new American administration to change the policy of the use of brute force as the only method of combating terrorism and extremism. People of the world would like to see a qualitative change in the policies of the new administration,” the WMC resolution said.

On Kashmir
Give the Kashmiri people the right
to decide their own future, says WMC

The World Muslim Congress also discussed about the situation in Kashmir and strongly felt that the resolution of Kashmir issue is pivotal to the establishment of peace in the Sub-Continent. The non resolution of this issue has, time and again, rather continuously brought havoc to the lives of millions of men, women and children in the occupied territory who are facing the worst human rights violations.

The WMC resolution said, “It is imperative that the International Community takes serious steps for putting an end to the sufferings of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and in this connection, we welcome the proposal of the newly elected President of United States to appoint the former President Bill Clinton as his representative to make fresh efforts for a peaceful resolution of this dispute.”

“The Executive Council also appreciates the proposal of the British Foreign Secretary that to bring lasting peace to the sub-continent, the countries of the region shall have to resolve the Kashmir dispute which has avoided resolution for the last 60 years. The only democratic and peaceful course we consider open is giving the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir the right to decide their own future, as decided by the United Nations Security Council,” said the WMC resolution.

The WMC also resolved, “The recent escalation of tension between Pakistan and India after the incidents in Mumbai is a matter of concern for the World Muslim Congress. We appreciate the proposition of Pakistan for joint investigation of all aspects of the incident, keeping in view the objective of bringing down the level of tension and re-establishment of good neighbourly relations.”

On Sudan
The Executive Council of the World Muslim Congress expressed its solidarity with the brotherly country of Sudan and “rejects pressures on this nation through machinations, false propaganda to internationalize a local dispute and efforts to malign its leadership. We appreciate the role played by some of the Muslim countries, especially State of Qatar for a peaceful resolution of the issue.”

The WMC also decided “to send a delegation to the area to make a fresh study of the latest developments and appeals to all sides to come to the conference table to resolve this issue which has a bearing on the national security and integrity of Sudan. We also appeal to Muslim organizations to urgently send humanitarian assistance to the affected area without any discrimination,” the WMC resolved.

Interfaith Dialogue
The World Muslim Congress has right from the very beginning has made concerted efforts in the field of Interfaith Dialogue. This process of dialogue, despite numerous difficulties and set backs is the path of civilized behavior and a major contribution towards International peace and development. The WMC expressed its deep appreciation for all Muslim and non-Muslim organizations working for this cause but the responsibility of the World Muslim Congress, as a pioneer organization, has its distinct responsibilities, for the discharge of which we must use all modern methods of communication, to achieve its objectives.

The WMC resolved, “The World Muslim Congress brings on record, its deep appreciation for the initiative taken by Khadimul Haramain Al Shareefain King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz for organizing an interfaith congress, first in the Kingdom (of Saudi Arabia) and then in Madrid (Spain) and then at the United Nations Headquarters, to defuse tension between different religious communities. The path of dialogue is the path of civilized behaviour which would certainly decrease tensions in the world. The Council appeals to the world media to promote interfaith dialogue as a contribution to international peace.”

On Muslim Youth
The World Muslim Congress discussed the problems of guiding the Muslim youth in various societies with their particular circumstances for the purposes of making them better and useful citizens not only in their own societies but in the rest of the world.

The WMC resolved, “The issues of violence, crime and drugs besides child labor and revision of curriculum in the educational institutions, technical training and for this purpose, the training of the trainers, youth camps and programs, the role of the scouts movement and the programs of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth were also discussed. The role of ISESCO and UNESCO should also be enhanced.”

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